Ronald James "Obie" O'Brien
(June 3, 1932-September 11, 2021)
A Quick Biography

Obie was born June 3rd 1932 in Ottawa Canada and most recently resided in Hilton Head S.C. He was living in Redwood NY for the last 21 years. Schooled in the USA, Graduated 1957 with a BS, Math Major, Bus. & Geology minors. Earned 2 Masters degrees, and finished all course work for a PhD. (ABD-all but the dissertation) Taught College Math for 31years (High School math for 2 years), retired in 1992.

Obie is married to Anne his wife of 60+ years. They have 2 daughters Karen and Kelly O'Brien. How is this for a magic trick? They were born on the same day one year apart 1958 and 1959 on Jan 2nd.

Hockey All American, played Baseball, Softball, and Semi Pro Hockey.

Official scorer for Hockey in the 1980 Olympic Games in Lake Placid NY.
He was the official scorer for the Russian USA game, won by the USA 4-3.
He refereed Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer & Basketball for over 35 years
He started and coached Hockey at a Jr. College and won 2 national championships (NJCAA).

Started in College in 1953, joined the IBM in Dec. 1962. Attended 1st IBM conv. in 1968 at Chattanooga TN and has attended most of them ever since.

Joined the IBM Conv. Committee in 1981, served for 15 years (Dealer chairman for 13 years) First two years Registration Chairman. Dealer chairman then for 2013-2014 conventions.

Member Ring 151 (Ottawa Canada), Ring 12 (Buffalo NY), Ring 344 (Myrtle Beach S.C.), Ring 349 (Hilton Head S.C.) & SAM member. IBM representative for FISM, Committee Member for IBM/SAM 2008 & 2014 Conventions. Dealer Coordinator for FISM 1994 in Yokohama Japan.

He has been a Magic Judge for the following Magic conventions. IBM, SAM, FFAP (French conventions in Paris and Dunkirk), 2 Italian conventions (Milan 3 times & Abano), Magi Fest (Columbus Ohio), CAM (5 times Head Judge Canadian Assoc. of Magic), MacMillans (17 times London England), British IBM 4 times, Magic at the Beach (3 times Head Judge at Myrtle Beach S.C.), FISM Judge 2003 in The Hague, 2006 FISM Head Close Up Judge (Sweden), German Judge 2012, Japanese Judge at Hakone convention. He has Judged at BIMF (Busan So. Korea 2013, 2014, 2015) Also Taiwan (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018), The Quebec City Magic Festival 2015, and Beijing China in 2017 for the big magic Anniversary Convention. He has also Judged many small conventions in the USA.

He was also the Close up Coordinator for the following: 2009 FISM World Championships of Magic in Beijing China, FISM 2012 in Blackpool England & 2011 FISM European Championships in England. He was also the Close up Coordinator for FISM 2015 in Rimini Italy from July 6th-12th. Plus close up coordinator for FISM 2018 in Busan So. Korea July 9-14th.

He was the IBM representative for FISM World Wide.
Past President International
Brotherhood of Magicians 1993-94

P.P. Jaycees of Canton (Jr. Chamber of Commerce), P.P. Canton College CSEA (Civil Service Employees Assoc. for 6 years) , P.P. of Football Officials Assoc., P.P. Hockey Officials Assoc. for 8 years, P.P. Lacrosse officials Associations for 3 years.

He was on the cover of the Magic Circles Magazine called "The Magic Circular" in London England in December 2015.

He is one of two recipients in the history of magic to be given the IBM/SAM Presidential Citation of Merit in April 2015.

He won the Murray award in 2014 at the Blackpool Festival of Magic convention for his outstanding service to the Magicians Club of Blackpool England.

He won the Medal of Honor "La Renaissance Francaise" at the FFAP French convention in 2011 for bringing French performing Magicians to the USA over the last 30 plus years. This medal has been given to only a few Americans.

He regularly does approx. 20-30 magic shows a year mostly in N.Y. State & Canada and in Hilton Head S.C.

He has performed close up magic at:
Abbotts Conv. 4 times, Tannens Conv. 2 times, Florida State Conv., Magie Montreal Conv., Magic Hands (Germany), Irish Conv. (Ireland), CAM (Canadian Assoc. of Magicians), NYCAN (NY State Canada Conv. 3 times), Gatlinburg Tn. Conv., Tri Cities Conv. (Buffalo, Toronto, Hamilton) IBM Conv. Kansas City MO, Blackpool England Convention (2009), Taiwan Magic convention 2014, British IBM in Scotland 2017, & other one day conventions.

He has attended 14 straight FISM Conventions starting in Vienna in 1976. These are the world Championships of Magic held every 3 years in different countries.

He started and ran 4F, Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic, (now called OBIE'S 4F) the Original Close Up Magic Convention in 1971 and 2020 was going to be the 50th 4F. This convention brings the best close up magicians in the world together each April for 4 days of Close up Magic. He was on the Board of directors of CEMK (Close Encounters of the Magic Kind) for 20 years, Desert Magic Seminar (Las Vegas) for 28 years.

He has performed close up table magic at many restaurants but the one he is most proud of is that he has done table magic at the #1 one restaurant in Alex Bay NY called Cavallarios Steak and Sea Food every Motherís Day for 44 straight years.

He has performed table magic at 8 different Club Meds plus the Club Med #2 boat. He also has performed in Aruba at a Hotel Casino there. He has done magic shows in many Canadian cities like, Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Morrisburg, Cardinal, Cornwall etc. Plus Lake Placid, Albany and Lake George NY. He has done magic shows in 4 different N.Y. prisons.

Other Hobbies:
Golf, Mystery Books, Bond & Seagall movies, all sports.

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