The Original Close-Up Convention

FFFF Chairman: Obie O'Brien
Obie O'Brien
FFFF Board Member: Glenn Brown
FFFF Board Member: Jimmy Cieslinski
FFFF Board Member: Dan Garrett
FFFF Board Member: Mike Hilburger FFFF Board Member: Meir Yedid  
Board Of Directors:
Glenn Brown
Jimmy Cieslinski

Dan Garrett
Mike Hilburger
Meir Yedid
Joan Caesar
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Joan Caesar
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Lee Eyler
Ray Eyler
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Jack Chancellor, Matt Episcopo, Leon Etienne, Dale Farris, John Miller, Scott Miller, Gary Ward, Rick Wilcox.

Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic



In Memory of Eddie Fechter
Eddie Fechter

Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic

OBIE'S 4F convention is the "Original Close-Up Magic Convention" and the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world. Since 1971 the By-Invitation-Only event continues to feature the best performers, creators and lecturers in the world.

Oscar MunozThe 45th Annual FFFF™ Convention will be held on April 22-25, 2015. The Guest Of Honor will be Oscar Muñoz.

Oscar Muñoz is a multi-award winning magician who is known throughout Texas for his educational and motivational magic shows for students of all ages. Oscar has also appeared on TV, featured in numerous magazines, and lectured and performed for magic organizations worldwide. Among his many awards are the IBM Gold Cups, SAM Gold Medal and he is also a three-time TAOM close-up champion.


Shawn FarquharThe 44th Annual FFFF Convention took place on April 23-26, 2014. The Guest Of Honor was Shawn Farquhar and the Lou Gallo MVP winner was Michael Dardant.

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Tentative Schedule of Events:
Wednesday April 22:
8:00pm: World Gala Show
10:00pm: Lecture
Friday April 24:
11:00am: Pat Page Workshop
Noon: Lunch (on your own)
1:30pm: World Close-Up Show
3:30pm: 5th Close-Up Show
5:30pm: Dinner Buffet
8:00pm: World Close-Up Show
11:00pm: Hospitality Suite
Thursday April 23:
: Lecture
12:30pm: Lunch (on your own)
1:30pm: 2nd Close-Up Show
3:30pm: 3rd Close-Up Show
5:30pm: Supper (on your own)
8:00pm: Oscar Muñoz Lecture
10:30pm: Hospitality Suite
Saturday April 25:
11:00am: Lecture
12:30pm: Lunch Buffet
1:30pm: 7th Close-Up Show
3:30pm: 8th Close-Up Show
5:30pm: Dinner Buffet
7:30pm: Oscar Muñoz Tribute
8:00pm: 9th Close-Up Show
11:30pm: Hospitality Suite
"Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic" commonly referred to as the 4F convention was started in April 1971 at the famous Forks Hotel in Buffalo, New York by Eddie Fechter, Bill Okal and "Obie" O'Brien, who decided that it would be nice to have a convention dedicated strictly to the art of close-up magic. Bill Okal is no longer involved with the convention and Eddie Fechter passed away on March 31, 1979, leaving Obie O'Brien who continues to produce "The Original Close-Up Magic Convention."

If you would like more information or would like to attend a future FFFF Convention read the open letter from our president by clicking: HERE.

The FFFF Guest Of Honors:
Since 1977 every convention was dedicated to a single "Guest Of Honor" for his contributions to close-up magic. The Recipients were:
1977- Jim Ryan
1978- Eddie Fechter
1979- Larry Jennings
1980- Gene Gordon
1981- Bob Read
1982- Sid Lorraine
1983- Steve Dusheck
1984- Rick Johnson
1985- Tom Mullica
1986- Jay Marshall
1987- Tom Craven
1988- Phil Willmarth
1989- Gary Ouellet
1990- Shigeo Takagi
1991- Harry Lorayne
1992- Daryl
1993- Paul Gertner
1994- Derek Dingle
1995- Paul Daniels
1996- Jerry Andrus
1997- Johnny Thompson
1998- Juan Tamariz
1999- Lennart Green
2000- Bill Malone
2001- Herb Zarrow
2002- Max Maven
2003- Meir Yedid
2004- Pat Page
2005- Gene Anderson & Dan Garrett
2006- Aldo Colombini
2007- Ton Onosaka
2008- Boris Wild
2009- Henry Evans
2010- Obie O'Brien
2011- Steve Beam
2012- David Stone
2013- Stephen Bargatze
2014- Shawn Farquhar
The Lou Gallo MVP Award:
In honor of Lou Gallo (1932-2004) the annual Most Valuable Participant award is named the "Lou Gallo MVP Award." The award, which is voted on by all attendees, is given annually to the person whom they thought contributed the most to make the 4F convention a big success.
Previous FFFF MVPs:
1982- Karl Norman
1983- Steve Dusheck
1984- Bob Stencil
1985- Jerry Andrus
1986- Shigeo Takagi
1987- Rocco
1988- Gary Kurtz
1989- David Williamson
1990- Juan Tamariz
1991- Aldo Colombini
1992- Lennart Green
1993- Jim Krenz
1994- Steve Beam
1995- Paul Daniels
1996- Pat Page
1997- Alex Elmsley
1998- Tom Gagnon
1999- Lennart Green
2000- Bill Malone
2001- Tim Ellis & Sueanne Webster
2002- Henry Evans
2003- David Stone
2004- Armando Lucero
2005- Reed McClintock
2006- Flicking Fingers
2007- Shoot Ogawa
2008- Boris Wild
2009- Dick Cook
2010- Obie O'Brien
2011- Steve Beam
2012- Denis Behr
2013- Dani DaOrtiz
2014- Michael Dardant
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